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At the Lab, you will not find yourself moving from one resistance machine to another, or spending hours on a treadmill.


Our personal trainers create personalized training plans, tailored to your fitness, targets and lifestyle.  

Our personal training moves you forward to where you want to go.

meet The Team

Des Witter

Head Coach

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Des is the founder of Team-Des Fitness. He has been a personal trainer for more than 12 years and a strength and conditioning coach since 2011. Since then he has built an extensive resume of personal training and athlete clients, ranging from youths to professionals and world champions. Des specialises in Strength and Conditioning of professional athletes.

The Mo Pro

Mobility Coach


The Mobility Project enabling people from all walks of life; from those managing complex medical conditions to elite athletes to move more effectively. We work with individuals and groups to develop increased joint and muscle mobility, stability, strength and body awareness. Through this, those involved have experienced significant improvements to coordinated movement and ultimately are enabled to maximise performance and grow in confidence.

Dora Tsetsou

Transformation coach


Dora is a personal trainer who specialises in body transformations! She takes a 360-degree approach to fitness and is a firm believer that the body achieves what the mind believes!  She has been helping clients transform their bodies as well as their lives! Dora provides not only nutritional advice, training regimes but she also acts as a personal development coach to help empower her clients to the finish line. 

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"Connor is a personal trainer who has worked with complete beginners introducing them to goal setting and the fundamental exercises needed for all training programmes, to working with experienced regular gym users, where he looks at improving techniques and applying advanced training methods. Whether you are looking to improve general health fitness or transform your body you can expect positive results."

Billy McJaved



Billy has coached people of various backgrounds and fitness levels, ages all over the world. Billy shares TDF passion and ethos and believes everyone can achieve results through hard work and dedication and the first step starts when you walk through our doors. Whether you play sports and want to take your performance to the next level or you're  just looking to improve your health and well being then get in touch today

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Jess Marson


Jess is a very passionate fitness coach!  Apart from getting you fitter, Jess will  also change your eating habits and help you love training and well-being

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